Thing 28: Anything Google


So I’ll admit right here, I am a BIG fan of Google. I use it almost exclusively now because it is accessible anywhere and so easy to use for collaboration! But there is always so much more to learn! This Thing was full of information on Google that I either knew nothing or very little about.

Google Keep is really great! I am now going to use it to replace Evernote and Wunderlist for many things of the things I currently use those 2 apps for. I like the ability to organize by color and label as well as the ease with which you can add images and graphics to the notes. Because I have such a poor ability to remember the names of things, the fact that you can so easily add pictures right in the notes makes it really valuable. Although definitely not an educational application, I can now organize all the pictures I’ve taken of wines that I like and actually be able to find them when I need them!!! The other memory aide that will be very helpful is the GPS based reminders – if only it would work for different rooms in my house so I could remember why I was going to the kitchen! 🙂 The Ditch That Textbook video on Google Keep is definitely worth watching if you are at all interested in using Google Keep. We have access to Google Keep at my district but it is not available under the tools menu of a Google Doc so I have reached out to our tech department to see if they can make that available so students can use Google Keep and easily drag notes for a research project directly into a document.

Fingers crossed!



Tips for Creating Stop-Motion Slides was fun to try. I’ve tried to do this before but without some of the tips and tricks he offers in this post, it was way too time consuming. It still isn’t the fasted thing to do but his method does speed it up considerably. It would be a fun way to introduce someone to some of the keyboard shortcuts available on Slides; some of the tools available to position and modify images right in Slides; and, how to publish your slides to the web. I also liked his suggestion for using a screencasting tool to make an actual video of your stop-motion creation. Here is my example. Just push the play button to start it.

I love the short cuts for creating new Google docs, slides, sites, forms and sheets. As long as I can remember to use the singular of the app followed by .new, I’ll be all set!

As always, thanks Polly for all the great ideas and information!

4 thoughts on “Thing 28: Anything Google

  1. Cute little doggie video, but you’re right about the amount of time to do it! I just went looking for Google Keep under the tools menu in Docs and couldn’t find it either. But it was hiding all the way over on the right,towards the top – yellow lightbulb icon. May be a recent change?

  2. Like you, I need an app to remember why I’m going to the next room! If I lived alone, I might just talk to Google Keep “going to the kitchen for a glass of wine” – just kidding, who forgets that they’re looking for wine! 🙂

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