Thing #20: Social Reading and Book Stuff

Is anyone else tired of winter? As I’m writing this, it is currently -10 degrees and snowy! I don’t ever want to live in the south again but I’m definitely ready for a long visit to a sunny, warm beach somewhere!

I love learning all the new things that Cool Tools shows me but the other added benefit is it reminds of tools I’ve used in the past and completely forgotten about. One example of that is LibraryThing. When I went to subscribe, I found I already had an account! (Brain like a sieve!). One of the 6th grade special education teachers I work with had asked me to do a book talk with her EI class. The students in the group all read below a 3rd grade level but of course don’t want to be seen with “baby” books. Although I am not a fan of leveled readers, I did do a Lexile search on my catalog for titles I have in the appropriate range and then selected from them ones that I thought would appeal to 6th graders. Because middle schoolers don’t absorb all the information we throw at them in a presentation, I decided I would create some type of visual for the books they might enjoy, as well as doing book talks for some of them. LibraryThing was a perfect way to do that! I was able to create a Collection in LibraryThing of some of the books I would like to share with them and embed it on my website. I love that you can add tags to the books as well, so the students can further sort them. So far I’ve added a “novel in verse” tag to the collection as those are very popular with many of my students who are either lower or reluctant readers as well as those who are avid readers.

Ooh, I love Freebooksy! Thanks for the info on it. I already get BookBub and BookGorilla, now I have one more way to get my book fixes!

I signed up for NetGalley quite a while ago but I have so little time just to keep up with reading for middle school books that I just couldn’t do it. I’m hoping when I retire next year, I’ll have time to actually participate in either or both of the programs, NetGalley and Edelweiss. In the meantime I’ll just keep referring back to the lists on Mackin, reviews on SLJ and for the latest adult fiction and non-fiction, LibraryReads. Between keeping up with the latest tech and the latest books, there just isn’t enough time!!!

Stay warm everyone!


4 thoughts on “Thing #20: Social Reading and Book Stuff

  1. Great use of LibraryThing! I’ve been using Calibre to organize all the books I download from NetGalley – but like you, there’s so many and so little time. Retirement beckons with time to read more. Will you be at the techretreat in April? (hope so!) Remind me to tell you how I’ve been using Calibre. It’s a great tool.

  2. Thanks! Yes, I will definitely be at the techretreat! Can’t wait to hear bout Calibre!

  3. Yay, glad you’ll be there. I’m not sure what we’re covering, but we always have fun.

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