Thing #8: Digital Curation Tools

I love digital curation. I am addicted to Pinterest and have used Diigo, and Padlet in the past. I was excited to try some of the new to me tools on this Thing!

Before I write about the 2 new tools I tried on this post, I wanted to share a great one I discovered while reading through the article 6 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2019 I discovered and tried out a new Padlet-like tool and it looks like a great alternative. It is called Webjets and it seems to have a little more organizational ability than did Padlet. I have been playing around with it and I have to say, it is so much better than Padlet. I love that you can just drag any type of item onto the board and organize it into lists, folders or mind maps. This could be a really great tool for organizing research projects and because it can be shared with collaborators, it would also work well for students and/or teachers who are working on group projects. Because it allows you to log in with Google, it is great to use with students! Here is a quick one I created.

Wakelet is an easy tool to use to gather resources and it allows you to log in with Google – that, as I’ve said before, makes it so much easier to use with students. I tried using it to gather a small number of resources for a Digital Citizenship unit I was preparing for the 6th grade tech students and it was very easy. I was able to easily embed it in my Google Sites website so it could be shared with the teachers, students and parents. I could see it being a great tool for students to use collaboratively to gather and share resources for a wide variety of projects. It has 3 levels of permission, unlisted, private, or public which I also like. This is one I will definitely add to my toolbelt!

I also played around with eLink and found it easy to use. Here is my first eLink (sorry about all the links but because I don’t have Pro I can’t embed on this blog). It was very easy to embed it on my website. It won’t be one I will use with students though because it doesn’t allow for login with Google. Any time students have to create a account using their own email and password, it causes issues because of the need for parent permission for those students under 13 or under.

Thanks for giving me more tools for curation!


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