Thing 7: Presentation Tools

So, I wasn’t going to do thing 7 because I’ve used so many presentation tools in the past and have been using Google Slides almost exclusively for a while but I decided I would just look at it quickly. I am so glad I did. I love Beautiful AI and I like Ludus although it is much more difficult to use. I can see where someone who has a real artist flare would really love using

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Ludus. Through the tutorial they set up on Ludus, I discovered Unsplash. I don’t know how I missed this source for free images but there are some absolutely beautiful pictures on the site. To the right is an example of one that I found when looking for Christmas pictures and the Buncee below contains a beautiful image of a terrier from the site as well. (The other image was on Buncee.)

Adobe Spark is a wonderful tool and I love that you can sign in with a Google Account because that makes it much more useable with students. The tool gives you so many options for making a really well laid out, quality looking project with minimal tech skills. I could see it being used by students in the classroom, especially for a infographics project or other image rich products. This is a poster I made about librarians using Unsplash for all images sources. I just had a great idea for how to use this with students. I run our Pride Club and one of the things the students have talked about doing was creating posters to promote more acceptance and tolerance in our building. This would be a great tool to use for that purpose! Oh, boy!!!


Sample Focus is a lot of fun! I now have a new source for video sounds!!!

P.P.S.: Ok, so after I published this I came across this article on The #tlchat Daily and I wanted to be sure to share it with everyone. It is a collection of Seven Great Google Slide Templates for Creativity and Critical Thinking and they look absolutely great! I shared them with all the teachers here and I’m hoping someone jumps on one of them!


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  1. Love those templates! Thanks for sharing. And love you librarian poster. Especially the “book wizard” bit! 🙂

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