Thing 21 – Productivity Tools logo seems like a tool that could be very useful in a classroom setting. I can see teachers using it as a homework assignment, askingstudents to watch a video and answer questions, write a review, etc. We have really just started using Google Apps for Education in our school this year (we have had it for a while but many teachers have been slow to adopt it). I love the idea of a teacher being able to share a video with their students via Google Drive and include notes and/or questions along with the video. I haven’t tried this with students yet so I’m not sure if, when they open it from their Drive or via the link from the teacher, if they have to “make a copy” of it like you do with a document in order to be able to interact with it. 

evernote  I love EverNote. I have it on my phone and my iPad and use it frequently. If there is something I really need to remember (or actually have access to because I can’t remember it) I put it in Evernote. I tried the new Beta version on my computer but it was too minimalist for me. I don’t like a lot of stuff on my screen but that was really minimal. Hopefully, they won’t go permanently to that version.

On a side note, does anyone else out there, who is not an Apple user, find it frustrating how many apps are only made for the “iWorld”? I have an iPad because I felt almost forced into in the school environment but other than that I am PC/Android girl. I looked through the Edshelf apps page and almost everyone of them that I was interested in only works in iOS format. Most especially frustrating is that an app like YALSA Teen Book Finder would only be available in iOS. What’s up with that? The library world should be accessible to everyone not just those with applevsandroidApple products! OK, enough soapbox.

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  1. I wasn’t thrilled with the beta version of evernote either. Maybe I’m just too used to the old version? And totally agree with you about the android/iOS stuff too. I do love my ipad, but I also love my android phone. Frustrating when things don’t work on both.

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