MakerSpace Begins

Well, I did it. I actually started a MakerSpace in the library. It has been a very positive experience so far although on Wednesday afternoons after MakerSpace is over, I go home totally exhausted!  So far I have a pretty consistent group of students who seem to be really into the whole concept. It is actually very interesting to watch how they have formed into loose groups based on interests. Rather than have a single focus for each meeting I have left it open to each student to choose what they want to work on. I have 4 rules for the MakerSpace: 

  1. Be safe at all times!
  2. MakerSpace Materials stay in MakerSpace unless you have permission from Mrs. Collins to remove them!
  3. If you bring in materials for a project for you to make, be sure you put them in a labeled container. However, be aware that if you bring materials, you are responsible to keep track of them…
  4. Before using materials for a project, think about what you are going to make and have a plan – we have limited resources.

CutieI have one group (mostly boys) who love to play with anything technological (pictured on the left below). They jumped on the chance to use the MaKey MaKey and within less than 1/2 hour had it hooked up and working! I have another group who are really into the creative arts aspect and have made everything from headbands with LED lights to a Cutie 2.0 sculpture out of the base of an old coffee pot, keys from a keyboard and paint (image to the right). Yet another group are my builders. They love to build objects and then try to motorize them – often leading to some interesting results.

makerspace for blog

You might notice the image to the left has the faces smudged out. I did that with
a web tool that I am taking a course on right now. It is a photo editing tool call
Pixlr. I have never really been comfortable with photo editing. Most of the
programs are so complex I can never figure them out on my own. So far this
course has been very helpful but this is definitely a program that requires
instruction to use. It is definitely not intuitive. That being said, I am going to
show it to the students in my MakerSpace to see if any of them want to play around with it. I am sure
they will figure it out much faster then I did!


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