Thing 10: Productivity Tools

I have to agree with Polly on Evernote Clearly. I’ve used Evernote for a while now but I didn’t know about Clearly – what a great way to grab quotes and information and then have it available everywhere I have Evernote! If only I’d had this when I was a student doing research papers! Still, I can see it being very useful for capturing those ideas I run across that I want to try with my students, especially my G&T group.

Surfly sounds like a really great tool and one I could see using with my son in Philly who is a computer whiz. I’ve been on the phone with him before trying to solve a problem I’m having with my computer browser. Because he’s not having the same problem he often can’t figure out what I’m talking about. Surfly could really help with that. It could also be useful as my husband and I try to plan a trip for next April – we hardly ever get to actually sit down together because of our schedules so we end up emailing back and forth. Surfly¬†might help if we can actually both get in front of a computer at the same time.

I’ve been playing around a little with¬†and I think it could be a really valuable tool to use with groups of students for brainstorming. At first I thought you could only share it via an email invite but then I realized I could just share the link and also allow people to join. That bypasses the need for student email which is always a big deal, especially with the 6th graders in the middle school.


How my Westie “helps” me garden.

I use Dropbox sporadically because I always forget about it. However, because of this post I just used it to access a couple of pictures I took with my phone this weekend while working in my garden. It is an incredibly easy way to access images from my phone without having to download anything. Because I can log into my Dropbox on any computer without downloading anything, it is also a possible way for getting photos to students without having to email them anything.

one of the biggest spiders I've ever seen

one of the biggest spiders I’ve ever seen

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